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The concept of purchasing and disposing of assets is usually considered by most law firms in
terms of whether it fits into their own niche of expertise. If its real estate, they think conveyancing. If it’s a business, they think commercial. The list goes on.

We think of it differently.

The purchasing of valuable assets needs to be considered wholistically. Expertise in structuring and methodology in the way that assets are acquired is essential to ensure that our clients’ commercial interests are served and become easily manageable going forward.


At JSM Lawyers, we provide a range of conveyancing services from individual clients acquiring their first homes right through to large corporate developers acquiring sites and subsequent off the plan sales, and every scenario in between. Over the decades that we’ve been in practice, we have been involved in every aspect of the process. As part of the services that we provide we engage with our clients to analyse and advise on the best form of structure that they should use for their particular purpose.

Sometimes it's best for an individual to simply buy a property in their own name, but at other times, a more sophisticated and complex structure may be called for, like a trust or a joint venture. We pride ourselves in working with clients to understand their particular situation, their objectives, and their vulnerabilities. It's from that point that the JSM Lawyers team can present viable options and carry out the work needed that’s the best solution for each particular client.



In terms of the acquisition of business assets, the same analysis can be even more important to ensure that individuals are properly protected in their own personal capacity when engaging in trade and commerce. Effective structuring at this point is crucial to ensuring that the future operation of any business is both efficient, cost effective, and flexible.

Intelligent and effective structuring of a business itself is considered to add value to the business as an asset. For that reason, it's vitally important for our clients that their lawyers and notaries are experts in multiple areas of legal knowledge from trusts, to corporate structuring, to banking and finance, to in-depth property law. We not only have that
knowledge but we put it to use every day to service our clients.


Over the years we have built an enviable reputation amongst real estate agents, developers, business brokers, financial advisers, accountancy firms, and private clients for providing some of the best legal services of this type anywhere in Australia.

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