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Land ownership and its development is an important part of most people’s asset holdings and wealth creation, and its relevant to those just starting out right through to high net worth individuals and companies.  Our expertise has been developed over many years and after dealing with thousands of matters of all types.  We act for first home buyers, right through to large companies engaging in the development of multi titled properties.

Proficiencies and Skills

Work in this area of expertise often requires the ability to effectively co-ordinate and engage with:

  • local government and state bodies regarding planning issues (including the Environmental Planning Authority, Sydney Water, and NSW Land Registry Services)


  • client’s financial institutions


  • client’s other experts (including accountants, town planners, project managers, architects, engineers, and agents)


  • client’s building contractors

  • client’s co-venturers (such as co-owners of property, joint venturers, partners, co-unit holders, and co-shareholders)

We provide expert advice, document preparation and other legal services in relation to each and every aspect of property ownership, acquisition, development, and ongoing ownership.

In addition to acting for owners of property, we also act for building companies in their negotiation and management of their building contracts with developers.  This includes assisting clients with advice and finding solutions to problems that arise before, during and after the construction phase.  These can range from Security of Payments claims, disputes about variations, warranty claims and liability, as well as the initial negotiations of the terms of building contracts.  Some of our private client services also include a regular retainer to assist with contract management for ongoing building projects.

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